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Questions you need to answer.

Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going? Why do you want to go there? How are you going to get there?

The purpose of our blog is to invite you to learn from the wisdom of others. This blog is designed for your personal growth, development and change. We will offer you challenges and opportunities that will require you to seek understanding and apply action with discipline. The major objective of our blog is to present you with insights, wisdom and direction of, “”How to succeed in Work, Home, and Pleasure.”” Buckle-Up and enjoy the journey.

The value of a positive Attitude:

Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle, Washington

Life is not boring.  Life is what you choose to make it.

Stephen and Judy Uzelac

Judy and I love to visit places and see people happy doing what they do.  We have learned there is a reason for these people being happy and successful in work, home and pleasure.  This fulfillment does not happen by accident; people don’t stumble onto it by mistake.  We have discovered that there are solid reasons why these individuals are happy and successful.  On a visit to Seattle, we had such an experience.  We visited a Pike Place Fish Market where employees were having fun.  As we observed these employee’s it appeared that they were very productive and knew exactly what they were doing.  It was like children on a playground enjoying what they were doing with animated exchanges, expressive gestures, smiles, and laughter.  One employee told us, “Any job can be boring if you make it boring and any job can be fun if you make it fun.”  You can create a pervasive sense of happiness, even though you don’t work in a perfect environment.  Your environment is not different from the environment of millions of people who work for less than they are worth and do more than is expected.  The one thing that makes a difference, is your chosen attitude.

Pike Place Fish Market Philosophy:

There are many working people and students who have developed the habit of success.  They choose an attitude that communicates, “I want to be here, I want to be happy, I want to take care of you, I want to make your experience with us pleasant, and I am here to serve you.”  It is so wonderful to experience a happy employee at the check-out counter of a Wal-Mart, Target or at a doctor’s office, to experience the friendly greeting at a Burger King, Wendy’s or McDonald’s.  Happiness is a choice that millions of workers and students choose every day.

  1. Choose your own attitude.  (Our attitudes are built on a solid foundation of Faith.)
  2. Have fun doing what you do.  (Have a passion for success get to know people like Timmon Smith, owner of “Mr. Hollywoods-Bow-Tie Collection, York, Pa.)
  3. Make their day.  (Your customer is the most important person in the process and it is your responsibility to make their day.)
  4. Be There. (Mentally, Physically and Spiritually)
Having fun with his passion. Timmon Smith, York, Pa. Timmon know the value of a positive Attitude.

The spirit of life is about how we choose to experience the journey.  It is best to choose a life with happiness, hope and peace of mind.  It is nothing new, just words of wisdom that were given to us from our parents, teachers, and other special people in our lives.  You can call them “lessons from love” or “wisdom well taken.”

What we learned early in life is that our attitude and our character travels with us.  We take it from cleaning up after someone to someone cleaning up after us.  Develop a heart of kindness, compassion, and love that you built on a solid foundation of Trust.

It’s all about you!

When it comes to your health, wellness and safety, yes it is all about you and your choices. We are Stephen and Judy Uzelac?  We are no one special, just two people who love each other and have a life experience/safety and health story that we love to share.  Many have said that we are the most dynamic safety/health awareness presenters they have ever heard.  Our presentation will bring life and energy to your safety/wellness culture.  Steve will explain how attitude and fitness saved his life in 2000.  Judy will present what the last 20 years have meant to her.  Our presentation is more about total life prevention rather than reacting to an accident, health issue or a situation after the fact. 

Serving Mankind

A person with a moral character is a person who lives with integrity and honesty.  They are driven to celebrate life and to embrace the challenges of everyday living.  They get-up, they go to work and they follow their heart to serve mankind to the best of their ability.  They are passionate about what they do and promote understanding and simplicity.

Just let it go!

There are memories that try to haunt me every day.  Decades have passed and they are still with me, but yet I refuse to get stuck in those memories, and become a prisoner to those thoughts.  I have learned to move on and to stay focused on what is truly important and that is my happiness.  My faith, strength and positive thinking have given me hope.  “When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do no harm.”


Hi!  We are Steve and Judy.  We are no one special, just two people who love each other and have a life experience transformation story that we love to share.  Stephen is a retired college professor and author.  Judy is a retired high school teacher and author.

Many have said that we are the most dynamic team they have ever listened to.  We share Our Heart, Our Soul, Our Passion through Our Story.  “If we can so can you live a life of Happiness.”  The question is, How?  Remember “Old habits are hard to change.” When you are down on your knees and nothing else will work…

  • Change your mindset and improve your life.
  • Put first things first.
  • Be assertive.
  • Be confident.
  • Take action.
  • Be held accountable for your actions.
  • Do the required work.
  • Get support.

Don’t play the Victim.  Change your mindset and become the Rock Star.

Don’t let your Fears become bigger than your Dreams.

Don’t be a Drama King or Queen and blame others for your mistakes.

With over 75 years of combined experience teaching, speaking, coaching, mentoring and living,  Steve and Judy can show you the way to “Living a Positive Life.”

Thank you for your time, Steve and Judy Uzelac

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What prevents people from Living their Dream?

By: Stephen and Judy Uzelac

Before you can change your life you must believe that change is possible.  On every journey, there are times when that self-doubt presents itself.  We may never see our self as achieving success at anything we try. We need to realize that any challenge has its ups and downs and these tough learning moments will either make us or break us. As a result,  some will give up, and some will move forward.  The key is, if your dream is speaking to your soul, “Never Give Up,” because if you do, your dream will disappear or may haunt you forever after.

The only dream breaker is you.  

There are many roadblocks that will prevent us from achieving success.  It is best to let our creativity flow.   Image all you can achieve.  Don’t let anyone or anything become a roadblock between the dream that lives in your heart and soul and you achieving that dream.

What are some reasons why many people give up?

1. We put our dream on hold or we believe in “Someday.”

There are seven days in every week and “Someday” is not one of them.  We will never achieve our dreams, goals or vision if we continue to procrastinate by putting our desires, or passions, or dreams on hold.  Our best intentions will not do us any good without a clear plan and actions that support our dream/vision/passion.

Opportunity:  Be pro-active! Always set an action plan, with a timeline that includes start and finish dates.  Even if we can’t start on it today it is best to have a realistic “Timeline.”  Make sure you have the resources and if someone can help, let them.

2. Fear of failure:

Fear of failure, in itself, is incapacitating.  Fear of failure is perhaps one of the biggest reasons we give  up.  Don’t give others the power to influence your success or failure.  We all fear rejection from those we care about and look up to for their approval.  This type of fear is almost always rooted in fear of rejection or judgment from those we care about.  Progress rarely comes in a straight line or an easy path. Taking a step backward is not failure.  Failure is just giving up.  Remember if we don’t first succeed, try and try again.  If we only see the failure we will never see the lesson.

Opportunity:  Recognize that you are going to make mistakes and any mistake is just a lesson in our detour.  Don’t quit. Use this as an opportunity to create a new highway for success.  Success may be right around the next curve in the road.

3.  Procrastination:

Not taking action or waiting until you feel ready.  Most people who wait until they feel ready are just prolonging failure.  If we are waiting until we feel we are ready to start our journey, we may never get started.  When we procrastinate it is very unlikely that we are going to gain a burst of inspiration.  We will just continue to put it off until “Someday.”

Opportunity:  Change your behavior. Get up and get started.  Discover your motivation.  By taking positive action you may gain the ambition to get started and stay on your journey.  Surround yourselfwith positive people andpositive thoughts.

4.  Not putting first thing first:

You need to ask yourself “What is important?”  Discipline is the single most valuable skill for turning our dreams into a reality.  Prioritize what is important and what is not.  Setting priorities is one thing.  The work begins when we begin to put action to our priorities.  We have to decide what actions will get me closer to my dream my goal or my vision.

Opportunity:  Begin to identify a step-by step approach.  Make your goals a priority.  You have to decide what is important and what is going to be a waste of time.  Identify each action you are going to take each day and write it in the timeline of your action plan.

5.  Lack of discipline:

Discipline is a habit or the single most valuable skill for turning your dream into a reality.   Many of us lack this skill.  We lack patience and in many cases, we don’t see the value in withholding short-term rewards for long-term gains.

Opportunity:  Remember without proper discipline, we will never succeed.  Be patience and put your planning skills to work.   Don’t get in a hurry.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

6.  Focusing on the end, rather than the process:

Success is a process.  When we focus on the end, we can’t see the journey. But if we focus on the process, we will find that we accomplish more each day and the journey seems to become shorter and shorter with each passing day.  And, we will say, “Wow, I’ve come such a long way.” 

Opportunity:  Just because we don’t see big results, doesn’t mean our effort isn’t moving forward.  When we stick to the plan and complete each activity we will see short-term gains.  It is the process that leads us to the finish line.  

7.  If you believe you can’t, you can’t.

There are those who look to others to believe in them.  They look for approval and others to cheer them on.  Dreams don’t work this way.  We have to believe in who we are, what we want and go for it.  If we are truly excited about changing our life, we may be tempted to set the bar a little high.

Opportunity:  Don’t take on too much at one time.  Focus on each activity, step by step.  Set short-term goals and celebrate each milestone along your journey.

In closing a few things to think about:

  •  If you stop walking, how do you expect to get to where you want to go?
  • Remember it’s a journey.  Failure only becomes permenant if we let it.  But what does that word really mean? Failure?   People who succeed are the ones who see those “failures” as lessons–forever and always.
  • Don’t surround yourself with negative people.  You will become a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with.  Look at those who hang out together, if they are negative, unproductive people and tend to follow the leader.
  • Find positive support.  Identify with positive achievers.  They will help you go places you never thought possible.
  • The truth is, most people can’t explain it because they aren’t even sure themselves. And instead of continuing on the journey of self-discovery, they decide to give up altogether.
  • The key is to never give up on yourself.  You are your driving force.  No one but you will determine your road to success.

Steve &Judy’s Story

We always like feedback. Thank you Mr. Sam Jones for sharing your thoughts on how much you appreciated our story. We love sharing our

Well-being and happiness is a state of total harmony of your body, mind and spirit.  When you are free from physical and mental distractions you open up the gates to the soul of your journey.  There is nothing more powerful than how you choose to take care of your mind, body and spirit. The benefits are more happiness in relationships with family and friends. Think about “Who is waiting for you to come home?” Take care of the most important person in the world and that is you.

Human Motivation

Dr. Abraham Maslow – Hierarchy of Needs.       

Stephen and Judy Uzelac

When we first wroth “Learning to Find Your Excellence,” it was a collection of material that we used for teaching and corporate speaking or training engagements.  Shortly after Stephen had a near-life death experience in 1999, we decided to take these materials and put them together in a learning guide so that we could show others what saved Stephen’s life.   In our book we referred to those who helped us along the way as “Someone to Appreciate,”  and Dr. Abraham Maslow is one such person along with many others.

“Man is always more than he can know of himself; consequently, his accomplishments time and again will come as a surprise to him.”                Golo Mann; 1909, German historian

Dr. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology that inspired him to write a paper in 1943 on a “Theory of Human Motivation.”

Perhaps his theory can explain what ignites the human soul to want to achieve or do the things we do. His hierarchy of needs is still used as a model to illustrate human motivation in classrooms across the US – and the world. How then, can we explain the concept? And what parts of ordinary life do each of the stages relate to?

Most people want to be fully human or to put it another way, you are continually in search of meaning, purpose, and happiness in your life.  Most of us want more than we have.  We are in pursuit of total life-satisfaction.  We want to be happy.  We want to be ignited toward living,  According to Dr. Maslow once our lower-level needs are satisfied, we are automatically motivated to pursue high needs.

Dr. Maslow’s research led him to a theory of how people are motivated through the satisfaction of human needs.  He proposed that these motivational needs presented themselves in a hierarchy of needs.  By this he meant that some needs were more basic and more powerful than other needs and the basic needs would have to be satisfied before growth needs are realized.

Self-Actualization Need – Highest Need

Making a lasting and significant contributor; maximizing personal growth and potential are what Maslow labels as self-actualization.  He described self-actualization as our need to be and do that which the person was born to do.  This is referred to as your “calling.”  A musician must make music, a dancer must dance, a teacher must teach, an artist must paint, and a poet must write.  According to Maslow when this need is not met, you will feel restless, on edge, tense and as though you are missing something.  It is a feeling of not being satisfied with your achievements in life.  When this need is not fulfilled it will affect your quality of life.  You will always be in search of happiness.  It is true that every need has an effect on your quality of life; however, when lower needs produce an uneasy feeling it is much easier to find the cause.

Not everyone rises to this level, sad but true. However, those who do are rewarded with a better sense of self-awareness and understanding. By achieving each of the five stages of Dr. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you well be on a journey toward achieving happiness in life and most of what you do.

What motivates you?


Imagine what your motivation would be if you were on the Titanic, or if you were lost at sea without food or water.  This led Dr. Maslow to believe that the higher needs are expressed only when the basic needs are satisfied.  What motivated us at the age of 20, is not the same today.

The physiological need (survival) such as air, food, water, sleep, etc, plus safety and security, Maslow classified as basic needs.   Once there is a sufficient amount of balance in meeting these basic needs, then you will look to satisfying the growth needs including love and belonging needs for self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect, and self- actualization.

Physiological Needs:  These are the basic human elements of survival.   They are biological in nature and include the need for oxygen, food, water, and relatively constant body temperature.  These needs are strongest because, if denied, you, or anyone would die.

Safety Needs:  This is our need to be protected from physical danger, threat or abused.  This is your need to feel that you are physically safe.  Except in times of emergency or periods of disorganization in the social structure (such as widespread rioting, bullying, downsizing, layoffs, stock market crash, school shootings, accidents, etc.)  Most adults in our society do not experience a threat to their security needs.  However, children often display signs of insecurity, and because of their insecure nature, their need to be in a safe intensifies.

Love and Belonging – Social Needs:   We all need a stable, firm base that promotes a high level of self- respect that builds self-confidence.   Today more than ever this seems to be lacking in government, schools, families, and many organizations.  People need to have a feeling of being part of something or someone.  We need to be free of feelings of loneliness and emotional distance. We want to give, receive, and experience love and affection and feel as though we are part of something outside of ourselves.

Esteem Needs:  We need a stable firm base that promotes a high level of self-respect and self-confidence.  We need to be recognized and appreciated to feel satisfied, competent and valuable.  If these needs are not met, we may experience the feelings of inferiority, weakness, helplessness or worthlessness.

Do you know of anyone who has gone through life, not achievig their dreams, their hopes, or desires?  If you do describe the person’s level of happiness in life.


Do you know anyone who is living their dream?  Describe this person’s level of happiness in life?


When someone is hungry, feel unsafe, not loved or accepted, or suffer from the lack of self-esteem, something in their live is not being feed.  When leaders, parents, teachers and managers recognize the value of Maslow’s theory and how it relates to growth and improvement they may realize that they are the cause.  Furthermore, it is not always clearly understood what a person wants when their need for self-actualiazation is not being met.  We believe when a person is hungry it is important that we as a society find them a job, a way of living.  Work it the gateway to security.  When they see and hear that their service is of value to others and receive respect/ dignity, from those in charge and believe their contributions are making a difference, they will have the foundation that promotes the pursuit of Self-actualization.

Dr. Maslow believed that the only reason people would not move through the needs hierarchy to self-actualization is due to roadblocks placed in their path by society.  For example, a lack of education can be a hindrance, or it can promote personal growth.  Maslow suggested that the educational process should utilize some of these concepts to promote personal growth and development.  These same concepts can be applied by leaders, parents, and educators.

Today we see America’s borders being invaded by illegals because they are in pursuit of food, shelter and a better life.  Just like many who came before them.  I (Steve) am so proud of my father who came to America for the same reason that many are willing risk their lives to pursue.  Because of him I was able to pursue my dreams and what I was meant to be, a teacher.