The value of a positive Attitude:

Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle, Washington

Life is not boring.  Life is what you choose to make it.

Stephen and Judy Uzelac

Judy and I love to visit places and see people happy doing what they do.  We have learned there is a reason for these people being happy and successful in work, home and pleasure.  This fulfillment does not happen by accident; people don’t stumble onto it by mistake.  We have discovered that there are solid reasons why these individuals are happy and successful.  On a visit to Seattle, we had such an experience.  We visited a Pike Place Fish Market where employees were having fun.  As we observed these employee’s it appeared that they were very productive and knew exactly what they were doing.  It was like children on a playground enjoying what they were doing with animated exchanges, expressive gestures, smiles, and laughter.  One employee told us, “Any job can be boring if you make it boring and any job can be fun if you make it fun.”  You can create a pervasive sense of happiness, even though you don’t work in a perfect environment.  Your environment is not different from the environment of millions of people who work for less than they are worth and do more than is expected.  The one thing that makes a difference, is your chosen attitude.

Pike Place Fish Market Philosophy:

There are many working people and students who have developed the habit of success.  They choose an attitude that communicates, “I want to be here, I want to be happy, I want to take care of you, I want to make your experience with us pleasant, and I am here to serve you.”  It is so wonderful to experience a happy employee at the check-out counter of a Wal-Mart, Target or at a doctor’s office, to experience the friendly greeting at a Burger King, Wendy’s or McDonald’s.  Happiness is a choice that millions of workers and students choose every day.

  1. Choose your own attitude.  (Our attitudes are built on a solid foundation of Faith.)
  2. Have fun doing what you do.  (Have a passion for success get to know people like Timmon Smith, owner of “Mr. Hollywoods-Bow-Tie Collection, York, Pa.)
  3. Make their day.  (Your customer is the most important person in the process and it is your responsibility to make their day.)
  4. Be There. (Mentally, Physically and Spiritually)
Having fun with his passion. Timmon Smith, York, Pa. Timmon know the value of a positive Attitude.

The spirit of life is about how we choose to experience the journey.  It is best to choose a life with happiness, hope and peace of mind.  It is nothing new, just words of wisdom that were given to us from our parents, teachers, and other special people in our lives.  You can call them “lessons from love” or “wisdom well taken.”

What we learned early in life is that our attitude and our character travels with us.  We take it from cleaning up after someone to someone cleaning up after us.  Develop a heart of kindness, compassion, and love that you built on a solid foundation of Trust.

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I am a retired community college professor, author, keynote speaker, husband, father, grandfather, lover of life, walk with faith and will never give up. Positivity is my guiding light. Judy is a retired teacher who will never give up. What is so special about her is her love of faith and all that God sends her way.

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