How to earn positive power.

By Stephen and Judy Uzelac

No one but you can give you Positive Power. It is a gift we choose for our personal well-being. There has been much written on the power of positive thinking. Norman Vincent Peale was an American minister and author known for his work in popularizing the concept of positive thinking. He wrote the Power of Positive Thinking in 1962 and to this day his works are still popular. Motivational speaker Tony Robins launched his public speaking career speaking about positive thinking.

There are many key factors that contribute to success and positive thinking is a main factor.  We will attempt to touch on the ones that mean the most to us. Each one of these factors have been proven to be critical to our personal growth, development and achievements. A good starting point is to implement one or more of these factors into your life. Take your time, but work at them every day. Put the pedal to the metal and take control of your destiny, your life, and your career.

How to Earn Positive Power. 

Think and Be Positive: “Wake up and be awesome.” Someone once said, “Your thoughts are you.” In other words what you think is what you become. We believe we have to love who we are and that does not have anything to do with conceit or being egotistical. However, it has a lot to do with self-importance, pride, being grateful, self-worth and character. When I get up in the morning I start my day with a prayer and a positive thought. I look in the mirror to let me know I love the person I have become. I love being a morning person because I start early and don’t have time to procrastinate.

Positive Mental Attitude: To be or not to be, that is the question. A positive mental attitude is a choice. It is your decision and no one but you has control over that decision. Don’t blame the crap in your life on anyone but you. Yes, there are people who have treated us wrong, but it is our decision on how to react to their ignorance. Remember, you become what you do and what you think. If you invite crap into your life then the outcome will be crappy. However, if you choose to engage in a life style of positive thinking you will be on the doorstep of earning positive power. People who have earned positive power are those who think well of who they are, show confidence, and are optimistic. It is your choice to look for what is good in every situation. Look for what is right and learn from what is wrong and negative. Negative things can and should teach us how not to be. Negative things should shape the direction of your search for positive power. Anyone can remain positive when things are going well. It is your ability to look for the good in every situation that you experience and continue moving forward with positive power.

Positive Image: 

I can! I am! I will!

Dressing for success will open doors for you. When you choose to look and be your best you are on your journey to achieving happiness. We are always being judged. People judge you by the way you look on the outside. It may not be fair, however that is the way it is, so put your best self out there for others to see and judge. (I can because I am.) Putting pride in your self-image, how you dress, your grooming and your accessories will have an impact on how others see you. Sometimes it requires change in our personal appearance to open doors that present new opportunities for you to start moving forward in your life.

Character: For most of my life I have believed that character is the most important aspect of all success factors. In many cases it will be your character that launches your success. Integrity will open countless doors for you. Integrity combined with self-discipline will keep those doors open. A huge part of your character is trust. When others can trust you and believe in you they can work with you and follow you. When others trust you and know they can count on your word, they are more likely to achieve what they want through you and with you.Trust is the foundation of all relationships. When people know you and believe in you and are convinced that they can trust you to keep your word and do what you say you will do, they will feel that they are far more likely to get the things they want through you and with you. When others trust, they create an opportunity to get the things they want, faster, sooner, and easier while maintaining a trust relationship.

Work Ethic: To me, there is no one better to demonstrate work ethic and good work habits than Herschel Walker. Herschel was born on March 3, 1962 in Wrightsville, Georgia. In his early years he was bullied and stuttered when he spoke. At an early age he began to run and race trains and did thousands of push-up’s and sit up’s and committed to this daily. To this day he still works at developing his body, mind and soul. Herschel became an All American running back for the University of Georgia. If Herschel overcame his challenges, we all can. Herschel realized if you put in the time you will get a “Return on – Time Invested.” Developing good work habits requires that you have an unquestionable work ethic. Making a list and setting priorities will help, but above all, train yourself not to procrastinate


All of the aforementioned, (“Think and Be Positive, Positive Mental Attitude, Positive Image, Character and Work Ethic,”) apply to learning and transferring skills. In our cases, education led to many opportunities that paved the way to success. It is a fact that in our society the good paying jobs go to those who know more than others.  People who can deal with critical facts and understand how to transfer facts and information into productive results will be the ones who will live a great life. Education brought us value. Our attitude, work ethic, gray hair and character brought us respect and ultimately what it takes to live an amazing life. The rule is that, “to earn more, you must learn more.” If you want to increase your level of income and achieve the best life for yourself, you must increase your learning base.

Skills: Learning is the foundation of developing the skills necessary to master your vocation. Knowing your profession will deliver results based on quality of performance. Through continuous improvement of your skills, you will get better at doing what you do. Others will look up to you because of your skills and your work ethic and character. In Steve’s case, he had the ability to speak and in 1970 was recognized as one of the best speakers in the state of Ohio. It was his speaking ability that led him to teaching at Terra State Community College in 1971.

People:  We earned much in our lives because of our individual effort. However along the way there were many who opened new opportunities for us.  We learned early in life to focus of positive things and positive people. People who cared about us for being who we are, such as Steve’s fifth grade teacher Miss Sutton. ” Miss Sutton kept Steve in the 5th grade for two years because she loved him.  Judy ‘s fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Howell, who not only taught school, but was Judy’s Girl Scout and 4-H Leader and her inspiration to become a teacher. Mr. Milan Gjurich” Steve’s high school football coach. He was not only a great coach, but a great teacher of tough love. “General Ruth A. Lucus” Steve’s first commanding officer in the United States Air Force. She taught him that character was a strength of a great leader. We learned that there are many people who care and contribute to building others. Many of the major accomplishments in our life were achieved because of a person or persons who opened opportunity for me.   Steve became a college professor because of many. (Mr. Klay, Mr. Brodrick, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Kayden, Mr. Holbrook) and countless others who cared about him. It was Steve who encouraged Judy to become a vocational teacher and to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Do not burn bridges because there are many people who like you and will always be there to help you. Today there are many opportunities on social media to broaden your network of contacts. There seems to be a direct relationship between the number of people you know and how successful you are. 

We appreciate positive people that we met on social media. The most positive family we met is Kevin, Anika McMichael Jackson and their son Jordan from York, Pa.  Kevin’s tribe is there for him and that is why he is known as the Positive Guru.

Other positive people and places we enjoy following of social media are Timmon Smith, Clay Smeltzer, Monica Guzman, Vickie Helm, Dennis Maurer, Jennifer Foxworthy, Laura Snyder, Joan Decker, Cheryl Covey, Don Dru Uzelac, Brenda, Stephen Bass, Moss Uzelac, Patty Plis Dennis, Positively Johnstown, The Smart, Life Club, The Old Timers, and many more.

This is far from a complete list, but it is a good starting point. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and please comment and share.

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I am a retired community college professor, author, keynote speaker, husband, father, grandfather, lover of life, walk with faith and will never give up. Positivity is my guiding light. Judy is a retired teacher who will never give up. What is so special about her is her love of faith and all that God sends her way.

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